Fire Heart by Miss Beatrice Waight
Miss Beatrice Waight
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Fire Heart by Miss Beatrice Waight

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Fire Heart The Life and Teachings of Maya Medicine

Author: Miss Beatrice Torres Waight

Product description, In Her Own Words, is a book about Miss B’s life, an authentic Maya medicine woman from the rainforest of Belize, Central America. In her unique style and Belizean charm she shares her life story, her teachings, her ceremonies, her cultural traditions, her herbal knowledge and her Maya recipes with the reader in an intimate and endearing way. This book is a portal for you to enter the magical world of the Maya!

About the Author

Miss Beatrice Waight (1948-2010) who was a fifth-generation traditional Mayan healer, was born in the caul in 1948 in the village of Santa Familia, Belize. Her family migrated from Yucatan, Mexico during the caste war in the late 1800’s.

In Maya culture, being born in the caul (amniotic sac) is the sign of a healer. As far back as she could remember, Miss Beatrice was connected to the spiritual world and always interested in healing plants.

Her Grandmother and her mother were Maya midwives from whom she learned herbal remedies and massage. Her father was the village curandero.

As a mother of nine children, she was a traditional village healer in Santa Familia. She relieved the physical, emotional, and spiritual pain of those who came to her Healing Hut. Miss Beatrice also taught her Yucateca Maya healing ways to students from all over the world. She truly believed earth-centered healing benefitted all people.

Miss Beatrice raised her children to believe in themselves and be proud of their Maya heritage. Her radiant smile, outrageous sense of humor, vast wisdom, deep strength, keen intuition, and enormous heart are still cherished. Miss Beatrice passed away on October 3rd, 2010, but her love and teachings are forever alive.

Publisher: Katherine A Silva; First edition (August 11, 2012)
Language: English