Legends of Belize Creature Book by Dismas
GrissyG and Dismas
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Legends of Belize Creature Book by Dismas

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Legends Of Belize Creature Book

Author: GrissyG and Dismas

 In Belize, Central America, there are terrifying stories about strange mythical creatures that roam the jungles and waters. Stories so terrifying, they are past down from generation to generation as folklore and legends.Discover fascinating but terrifying creatures; such as Tata Duende, Xtabai, Llorona, Sisimito, and many more that are believed to haunt Belize. The ancient legends are captured, documented, and preserved by Belizean Artists and Animators, GrissyG and Dismas, with brief descriptions about the cryptozoological, paranormal, supernatural, and unexplained. Be fascinated, be terrified, Belize.

"This is great stuff that is being done to preserve these parts of our history that is so important and vital for us."
--- Rene Villanueva Sr., Love FM Radio and TV Journalist in Belize

About the Author

GrissyG and Dismas, born in Corozal Town, Belize, Central America, moved to sunny California to fulfill their dream to be artists. In 1999 they met at Los Angeles Mission College where they attended and graduated with an Associates degree in Art and Multimedia.
In 2003, work to produce Art, animation and books. In 2004 they married and continued their creative career in Art.

They have also authored two books,"Legends of Belize Creature Book" and "Legends of Belize - A Series About Mythical Creatures That Dwell In The Jungles And Waters Of Belize."

They have presented at Universities and schools in California and in Belize, been featured in the news, newspapers, on the radio and TV. Experts in the field of Belizean mythology, they were special guests in a documentary titled "Boogeymen, Tata Duende," about the Belizean mythical jungle gnome, they are also producing an animated feature about the Legendary Tata Duende based on Belizean culture and mythology.

Languages: English

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


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