The Bomba Codex by John Alexander Watler
The Bomba Codex
John Alexander Watler
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The Bomba Codex by John Alexander Watler

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The Bomba Codex

Author: John Alexander Watler and Michael Robateau

The Bomba Codex takes us on an intriguing journey through the jungles of Belize into the sophisticated underworld of stolen Mayan antiquities.

The Great Belizean Novel!

A priceless, ancient Maya codex, (manuscript), found in a rain forest cave a few miles from Bomba Village, Belize, contains the prophecies of Kukulcan, the supreme god of the early Maya, and may also provide answers to the 2012 enigma, but it has fallen into the hands of desperate and dangerous perpetrators, determined to smuggle it out of the country at any cost

John Alexander Watler and Michael Robateau intricately weave an extraordinary plot that gives us a touching and intimate peek into the lives of interesting and unique characters we will come to love or hate, all juxtaposed against a refreshing Belize tropical backdrop that gives this novel a unique and relaxing read. The clock is ticking and the stakes are high in this desperate search to locate the only dynamic document known to man with real-time implications for the planet.

Fiction or not, it will scare you into reality. From the gang-infested streets of Los Angeles, to the wealthy suburbs of Houston, to the pristine waters off the Western Barrier Reef in Belize, the world is Watler's stage and his literary genius has carte blanche to bring home the action and expose the ugly underbelly of our struggle to overcome temptation, lust and greed.

The Bomba Codex is indisputably a bombshell and deservedly Watler's calling card to that exclusive club of novelists who we hold in high regard and come to depend on for adventure, passion, intrigue and ultimate escape.

About the Author

JOHN ALEXANDER WATLER Novelist, Master Storyteller, Poet, Literary Performer was born in Monkey River Village, Toledo District, Belize ( British Honduras) in 1938. Among his published works are:
In addition to his many contributions to Belizean literature, John Alexander Watler is a MASTER STORYTELLER, well known in the Belizean theater for his lively one-man performances portraying Brer Anansi or one of his own creations, Onefoot and Sunkutu. Watler is a favorite of school children throughout Belize for his fresh stories and energetic performances and is recognized for his efforts to keep Kriol culture alive. Universities in the US, including Texas A & M, Marlborough College, and Sterling College, have hosted John Alexander Watler as Literary Performer.

Languages: English
Publisher: MR Publishers; 3407718 edition (December 12, 2009)

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