Snapshots Of Belize, an anthology of short fiction

Snapshots Of Belize, an anthology of short fiction

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Snapshots Of Belize - an anthology of short fiction - Belizean writers series

Belize's Rich cultural diversity is brought to life in this new anthology. Spanning a creative period of 40 years, the work is a wonderful sampler of the literary development and unique character of Belizean life. It is a welcome addition to libraries of both the Belizean scholar, wishing to uncover the country's literary heritage and the casual reader, exploring the colourful tapestry of the region's most diverse country.

Author: Leo Bradley, Zoila Ellis, Evadne Garcia, Evan X Hyde, Lawrence Vernon, Colville N Young, John Alexander Watler

Leo Bradley:
Elastic Gold: A fisherman and his son attempt to outrun shady characters who want the floating rubber that represents a chance at a better life.
The Day of the Bridge: The Belize City Swing Bridge is the villain of this story about a youth whose chance for happiness is destroyed by a series of unfortunate circumstances.

Sir Colville Young:
The Representative: This selection from Pataki Full takes aim at Belizean politicians in the guise of the slippery Jonas Parker, who learns a hard lesson about the nature of politics for poor people.
Sugar: Also from Pataki Full; Orange Walk restaurateur has run-in with elderly customer who must resort to shadiness to stay alive.

Zoila Ellis:
The Teacher: Taken from On Heroes, Lizards and Passion; a priest and teacher attempts to find peace in a village in rural Belize, but not before facing his past.

Evan X Hyde:
A Conscience for Christmas: Would-be player Caldo meets his match in a "Christmas Carol"-esque episode in Belize City.

John Alexander Watler:
Bitter Sweet Revenge: College-educated youths pursue attractive sisters but find trouble in the form of their father.

Lawrence Vernon:
The Third Wish: Be careful what you wish for? A seemingly innocent stone brought home by archaeologist Jim Hilton spells trouble for his family.

Evadne Wade Garcia:
Crab Seasin: Remembrance of a playful episode involving city boys in search of crab meat, a local delicacy.

Languages: English
Publisher: Cubola Productions; 8th. ed edition (May 1, 1995)