Belize--An  Intimate  Portrait

Belize--An Intimate Portrait

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Author: André A. Lopez

Edition: 2

Binding: Kindle Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Release Date: 16-11-2017

Details: What People Are Saying About
"Belize--An Intimate Portrait"

"This is awesome" Dr. Jaime Awe (Belizean Professor of Archeology Northern Arizona University)

"Finally a book that...epitomizes the tapestry of our diverse society.." Dr. Pio Saqui (Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology, University of Belize)

"...the heart and soul of a country that I thought I knew, but have never seen until now..." Wendy Andrews (Rotarian from Edmonton, Canada--who has been visiting Belize for ten years)

"...Photography does more than just to help us see, it perceives--it invites us to share the wonderful magic of discovery". John Edward Maurer (Artist, Art Professor, Playa Coco, Costa Rica)

"...André has created a matchless portrait of Belize...André has captured photographically the kaleidoscope of all the wonders and magic of everything I love about my country..." René Villanueva (CEO of Love FM & Love Television, Belize)

"Belize--An Intimate Portrait" is perhaps the most beautiful, and informative book on Belize yet published.
This 172 page book illustrated with 150 superb photographs provides a unique glimpse into the living splendor that is Belize.

Visit with more than fifteen diverse cultures living together in peaceful harmony. Tour an education system that reaches the gifted, the learning challenged, the ordinary, the deaf and the musically talented. Enjoy the amateur excitement of men and women rodeoing and horse racing. Become intimate with the living Maya (Yucatec, Mopan and Q'eqchi), their dance dramas, and the Maya ball game of Pitz. Celebrate with us on September twenty-first the Joys of Independence and the Responsibilities of Freedom during independence day. Come and politic with us and learn why

Languages: English