About me Vero!

Let me introduce myself!

Veronique McKenzie

I am a Vacation Concierge, a Belize Expert since 2000. I am here to help you to pack for your vacation with all you need, to enjoy your holidays. Vero Bazaar Smart Pack Store will share with you reviews and plenty of ideas.

My name is VERO, I’m French & Belizean. I lived in France for 25 years, in Marseille my hometown & in Paris. Then I spent 10 years in USA: Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, visiting a total of 41 states. Now I have settled down in my beautiful Belize where I built my family, and became a sincere workaholic, doing my best sharing Belize with travelers & vacationers.

Who's Vero?

Vero - Veronique (Veronik!) - VeryUnique ≈ Nickname Vero Belize

Vero Belize

I’m a BELIZE VACATION CONCIERGE, a specialist of Belize, vacation rentals, licensed tours operator, licensed tours guide… WHAT EVER you NEED TO KNOW, FIND, SEE, EAT, EXPLORE, STAY, LEARN about BELIZE … I handle with a great 20 years of experiences. I’m very known as a real Belize expert by tourists, Belizean, expats, retired, friends.

How VERO BAZAAR was conceived?

I am a very busy lady because I'm chatting daily with future vacationers coming to Belize. I pamper my guests with ideas and information. I spend a long time letting my guests know what to bring. Make sure they understand what won't be necessary, Belize is a layback country. Need to pack some tools which will be very handy to explore Belize.

For years I am thinking of creating a website with all those ideas and lists of the needed. As I was telling you, a very busy lady. Until Covid19 reached our world, our little country Belize is pretty safe, but still, as rest of the world, we had to stay home, no more tourists, and finally find some time to start Vera Bazaar Smart Pack Store. I know it will be handy. Enjoy!

Who am I?

I love my Belize which I respect. Wish and dream to work with the Government Of Belize to bring some ideas, projects to help us all BELIZEAN CITIZENS. I know Belize from A to Z. Visited it all and love to share it.

I have few hobbies such as: Traveling, Photography, Electronics, drive, social and dance. I’m d best white gyal dancing Punta ah ah ah !!!

Vero Family

I am a survivor of a brain aneurysm, did shake hand of Miss Death. She gave me a chance, Merci.

I try my best to respect Mother Earth and her best friend Sister Sea. They are strong but I feel worry about them. My God has no image nor portrait. It is the oxygen I breath, the leaves of the trees, the grass growing from soil, the water from seas and rivers, the clouds of thoughts, peace of rainbow flowers, the sky who I prefer blue, Madame Moon who remind me how beautiful life is and Mister Sun my mentor.

I wont talk or share thoughts or words on my family. I’m over protective. Still know that my kids are beautiful, intelligent, fun, and understand that weird Mom they have. My Mother is my shadow she is an angel. Merci.

My favorite color is Green

Well, did I say enough or too much!!!
Writing used to be one of my hobby but the dual language disturbed it a bit, and yes I speak and write English but it's not my mother language. My French got disturbed by 30 years living in anglophone countries.

What Vero does?

I am “a Travel SHRINK”, taking the stress away from you and helping you to organize your voyage in Belize. I constantly strive to be the best of the best, I strongly believe in working closely with travelers, in order to understand exactly how to turn your travel's dreams.

Belize Coat

Belize is a small country, still so wide and diverse. Each district has a specialty: beach, jungle, reef, Maya temples, chocolate, fly fishing, wildlife… and the list goes on!!!

Why not, have someone helping you? My Belizean travels have taken me to so many wonderful and different destinations, from sea discovery with the best guides to experiencing our sea reef world, to land tours to explore our diverse wildlife as Howler Monkeys, Jaguars…, learn about our ancestor the Mayas.

Again, I am Vero Belize a real Bazaar and my goal is to assist you to experience the best of Belize.

Veronique McKenzie
Belize Expert